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The world wide Service and Support Chroma Systems Solutions provides for our Safety / Hipot customers are unmatched in this industry. Call us now (949) 600-6400 or request a free quote.

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Hipot, Dielectric Withstand Testers and Safety Compliance Equipment

HelloHipot or dielectric withstand testing instruments manufactured by Chroma are used for conducting electrical safety tests on electrical components and products to make certain they are in compliance with UL, IEC, CE and other electrical safety requirement standards. In addition, these instruments are designed for general product or component testing as well as complex medical safety testing ensuring human safety and product reliability. You will find Chroma’s mix of safety products applicable for any compliance testing you may require and include basic low-cost hipot testers to multi-function analyzers that perform several tests from one unit.

Hipot Testers

General Purpose Hipot Testers
General Purpose Hipot Testers

19052 AC/DCHipot / Insulation resistance (IR)

19053 AC/DCHipot / Insulation resistance (IR) / 8HV Channel Scan

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Compact, Low-Cost Hipot Testers

Compact, Low-Cost Hipot Testers

19071 AC Hipot

19073 AC/DC Hipot / Insulation Resistance IR

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Hipot Analyzers - NEW

Chroma 19055 500VA Hipot Analyzer

19055 500VA Hipot Analyzer

Designed for hipot testing, Corona Discharge Detection and Discharge Level Analysis. AC/DC/IR tests can be programmed in AC 5kV/100mA - DC 6kV/20mA with 500VA output rating.

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Electrical Safety Analyzers

19032 Safety Analyzer

19032 Electrical Safety Analyzer

Five instruments in one box: AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond and Leakage Current option.

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Wound Component EST Scanner

19035 Wound Component Scanner

19035 Wound Component Scanner

5KV AC & 6KV DC Hipot Test
1MO~50GO / 5kV IR Test
DCR 10mΩ ~ 100kΩ

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Ground Bond Tester

19572 Ground Bond Tester

19572 Ground Bond Tester

Wide resistance measurement range : 0.1 ~ 510 mΩ

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AC Power Supplies

Chroma AC Power Sources

61600 & 61500 AC Sources

Use our compatible AC sources to supply stable input voltage for dynamic leakage current testing.

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